Upcoming Video Game Reviews!

Here is a list of video game reviews I will posting soon! Hopefully whitin this month!

Age Of Empires

Sid Meirs Civilization

Crash Bandicoot 1,2,and 3


Paper Mario

Mario Kart 64


Street Fighter

Star Fox


Super Ghouls and Ghosts

Ninja Gaiden

If you have any other suggestions,then leave them in the comments below!

The Legend Of Olwood

The Legend Of Olwood is an upcoming independent film from Bolsius Cinema that definitely seems to be worth mentioning. The plot of the movie is about a boy named Ragaar who must find an ancient sword to fight and defeat the evil lord Malderax for the sake of Olwood. This movie is very action packed with a nicely developed plot that follows through to the end. The release date is set for December 25th, 2011.Be sure to be on the constant lookout for new sneak peeks,trailers,etc.

To visit The Legend Of Olwood site,Click Here!

To Visit The Legend Of Olwood YouTube Channel,Click Here!