Update 10/27/2011

I  have realized that the team at Bohrium Bloggers have become very occupied over the past couple of weeks,and I apologize.We are all very busy with school,extra curricular activities,band,church,etc. I will try my best to continue blogging,this blog will NEVER stop. Regardless of how long its been since the last post,always know there will be more to come.

London is currently involved in the production of a movie,The Legend of Olwood,which you can find on his YouTube channel by clicking here. I,Tyler,am very involved with band and blogging.Mixed with school work,this becomes very hectic for both of us. I also have started doing video game commentary along with my vlogs.If you are interested in that,you can Click Here!

Thank you so much for your understanding that we are very busy people. I will try my best to write more in depth posts frequently.

American Entertainment

Ahh America,I have never once in my mind doubted your entertainment capacity to keep billions of people world wide laughing.Ever since the beginning America has been able to balance its weight as a stable country and foreign mediator,along with providing a good old laugh till you cry entertainment industry. True, most of this “entertainment” is stupid or politically incorrect,but that’s what makes it funny, right? Whether you agree with me or not,America has greatly forever influenced the entertainment industry forever,especially with YouTube which makes it easy for amateur film makers to get themselves out there.

Below are some videos from Americas great entertainment archives sure to make you laugh and face palm,enjoy!

YouTube Partner Program

Many of you tech savvy video makers out there are or aspire to be a YouTube partner,I know I do.Even if you do not make regular videos for YouTube,you may or may not be familiar with the YouTube Partnership program.To get everyone on the same page,let me explain what the YouTube partner program is exactly.

First off,YouTube Partners are a select group of people who have gathered a decent following on YouTube.This means you get a fair amount of views,comments,rating,and subscribers from each of your videos.To become a YouTube Partner,you must fill out an application.To be honest,I think the hardest part is the wait time to get feedback if you were accepted or not.I have heard of some people who say it took them nine months to find out they didn’t make it,ouch! If your lucky,it usually takes anywhere from two months to a year.Some people never hear back and have to call YouTube Support.Anyways,regardless of the long wait period,becoming a YouTube partner is definitely worth it.A few of the features you get are;creating your own custom thumbnail,scheduling videos release times,a banner on your channel page,unlimited video size,beta testing,and of course GET PAID! Now I know these are only a few of the many features of being a YouTube Partner,but you get the gist of it.Being a YouTube Partner really can benefit you in a lot more ways than you thought.Maybe one day you too could be like Shane Dawson,who makes an estimated $315,000 each year from YouTube,making him the most paid person on YouTube!

What are your thoughts on the YouTube Partnership program? Do You have a YouTube channel? If so,link to it in the comments below and we will check it out!

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The Godfather

I just finished watched The Godfather, which is quite possibly the best movie ever made.  The movie, made in 1972, was directed by renowned Francis Ford Coppola.  It is an epic crime film, though it really is about family.  It is truly is a work of art.  I’ll give you a brief summary: The Godfather is set in New York in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Don Vito Corleone (the Godfather) is the aging leader of the Italian Corleone crime family.  He transfers control of the family business to his favorite son Michael, who is reluctant at first.  However, during this weak transition stage, other gangsters try to take down the family.  

The Godfather changed the way crime films were made.  Previous movies involving gangs were from the perspective of an outraged outsider.  Gangsters were cold-blooded killers without emotion.  In contrast, The Godfather presents the gangster’s perspective of the Mafia as a response to corrupt society.  The Godfather brings depth to the characters.  Even though Vito Corleone kills people for a living, he is a likable character.  You feel empathy for him, and when he plays with his grandson you can laugh with him.  He is a real human being.

Michael Corleone is the favorite son of Vito Corleone and is the only college educated member of the Corleone family.  He intends to get away from the family business and Vito wants him to lead his own life away from the Mafia.  However, things get dire when Vito is shot by a drug dealer who Vito refused to do business with.  While Vito is recovering, the family is in crisis and has to deal with corrupt cops and rival families.  Michael decides it is his duty to help the family and he kills two men and has to flee the country.  By now, he is too involved with the Mafia to get out.  The film ends with Michael becoming the Don of the Corleone family, showing that Michael has made a complete change.

The performances can only be describing as stunning and the storytelling interesting and innovative.  Go ahead, watch it.  It’s an offer you can’t refuse.


By London B.


Today I would like to review a video hosting/sharing website called Vimeo.Now I know what your thinking,whats the point of using something like Vimeo or Metacafe,when there is really one main powerhouse that dominants the market,YouTube.I totally understand your logic on that,in fact YouTube is the only video sharing website I use. Hopefully from doing these series of articles,I will try to convince myself and others to become more open minded,and realize that there are good alternatives out their. I will try to not make this a YouTube vs Vimeo,but it may seem like that because I am trying to present a foreign platform to most people through a known example(ie.Youtube)Now onto the review!
Vimeo is a video sharing site similar to YouTube with a little over 3 million members in its community. Vimeo is very similar to YouTube in the aspect that you upload videos for other viewers to see,comment,rate,etc.The main difference between these two media sharing sites,is content. On YouTube you can find a video on anything,and I mean ANYTHING.Whereas Vimeo is molded more towards musicians,independent film makers,indie artists,etc. The reason for this is because Vimeo is very strict on uploading content that is not yours/Copyrighted.This is really the ultimate reason why Vimeo is not as popular because you will never see game plays,concerts,commercials,unless you are given the creators permission witch rarely happens.I honestly think Vimeo is meaning well by doing this,but in todays market it will be very hard to succeed with such limiting restrictions. This could mean a good thing though,because people that see your work on Vimeo will know for a fact that the content is “yours”. One thing that impressed me about Vimeo,was the strong and supportive community.Browsing through the Vimeo forums,I found that most of the users are a very mature and polite group. Not that YouTube’s users are bad,but you are bound to have a few sour apples in the lot. Overall,Vimeo’s users are a neat and tight knit community.

No harsh feeling towards Vimeo,but I honestly think you would be best off to stick with your YouTube account.Sorry Vimeo, but YouTube’s Google integration,many millions of viewers, nice user interface, and great quality compare close to none.If you are looking for a great place to publish that new piece of violin music you composed,and don’t want to stress about someone infringing you Copyright,then Vimeo is the place to go.In most other cases,I would stick with YouTube.

Vimeo Rating:6/10

What are your thoughts about Vimeo? Are there any other video sharing sites that you would recommend(besides YouTube)?
Stay Tuned for an upcoming review of Metacafe!

Webcam 101 For Seniors

This recent viral video has recevied over 5 million views within the last couple of days.Apparently an elderly couple were trying to figure out how to use their new computer webcam without knowing that it was on and recording them during a video chat with their daughter. Their daughter decided to take this hilarious video and post it on YouTube and cunningly name it,”Webcam 101 For Seniors”
Whether you think this is legit or not is up to you, but I personally think this was very real!

Best Urban Dictionary Words And Phrases

 This is a list I have been wanting to make for a long time,below is a list of what I think are the best Urban Dictionary words & phrases.All the definitions you see below are from Urban Dictionary,not me.

Butthurt– This is definitely my most favorite word to use on a day to day bases.

Definition 1:”An inappropriately strong negative emotional
response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong
feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of
communication and overt hostility towards the “aggressor.” 

Definition 2:”Getting your feelings hurt, being offended or getting all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid.”

Example: John was feeling really butthurt because Bob and Jake did not invite him over for taco night. 

Apeshit– This word would definitely be proper to use in describing a high school football teams locker room.

Definition:”A state of anger and rage that produces behavior more closely resembling that of an enraged ape than a human.”

Example: “The first string quarterback was going apeshit after he threw to winning pass for the state championship.”
Ragequit– Have you ever played a really hard video game, and got so mad that you start shouting and become possibly violent.If so,this is the word for you.

Definition:”To stop playing a game out of an anger towards an event that transpired within the game.”

Example: “What the heck,I totally made that jump,stupid piece of s**t!!!!
                                  Player21367 Has Left The Game
Trolling-Odds are you’ve experienced this before,but come on who doesn’t enjoy it!
Definition: “Trolling is trying to get a rise out of someone. Forcing them to respond
to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information,
asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness. However,
trolling statements are never true or are ever meant to be construed as
such. Nearly all trolled statements are meant to be funny to some
people, so it does have some social/entertainment value.”

Example: Jim got bored,so he went and trolled YouTube comments and linked to virus laden websites.

Grammar Nazi: We’ve probably all encountered a grammar Nazi before,whether it was a grumpy old teacher,or a know it all friend.

Definition:”Someone who believes it’s their duty to attempt to correct any grammar
and/or spelling mistakes they observe. Usually found hanging around Irc
chatrooms hounding “n00bs”.”

 Billbob2600:Whats up guyz!
 Grammar Nazi: I believe “guyz” is spelled g-u-y-s,and the exclamation mark should be replaced with a question mark.

Gate Rape: If you’ve ever been to an airport lately, or seen the news, you know all about the infamous TSA.

Definition:The TSA airport screening procedure.

Example: “I just got gate raped before boarding my flight to London.”

Irish Shower: Have you ever seen someone that in masked in the overpowering smell of cologne,then this could be why.

Definition:”The use of deoderant and/or cologne to cover up lack of proper showering.”

Example: “My boss definitely has been taking a lot of Irish showers lately,I can smell him from my office down the hall.”

Us History Classes In Texas

Hello!  I am London and this is my first post for Bohrium Bloggers.  It is an honor to be an author of the wonderful blog.

My history class is taking part in a University of Texas study called P.A.C.T.  (Promoting Adolescent Comprehension of Text).  You can read more about it here: http://edtp620.pbworks.com/f/socialstudies.pdf
Here is a basic overview: students receive notebooks and fill them out.  Students receive an alternate textbook and complete P.E.G.S. (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social) factors for each section in the textbook.  Other classes complete engaging projects and a variety of learning techniques.  I’ll save my criticism of this for later.
I have also noticed a bias in history class.  I believe that students are being indoctrinated into feeling a sense of patriotism by learning about the Revolutionary War.  Even the worksheets that are handed out contribute to this. For example, there was a Freedom week worksheet where FREEDOM was an acronym for various events and documents.
What do you think about US history classes?  Any questions and comments are welcome!

New Author!

I would like to take a moment to welcome a new author to the team! London,also the creator of The Legend Of Olwood will be writing articles on this blog now! Now that we have two authors,expect content to released more frequently.
To see who wrote the article, scroll down to the bottom of the post where you will the the author’s name. Congratulations to London!

Its not to late to apply to be a fellow blog author, you could join us too!