American Entertainment

Ahh America,I have never once in my mind doubted your entertainment capacity to keep billions of people world wide laughing.Ever since the beginning America has been able to balance its weight as a stable country and foreign mediator,along with providing a good old laugh till you cry entertainment industry. True, most of this “entertainment” is stupid or politically incorrect,but that’s what makes it funny, right? Whether you agree with me or not,America has greatly forever influenced the entertainment industry forever,especially with YouTube which makes it easy for amateur film makers to get themselves out there.

Below are some videos from Americas great entertainment archives sure to make you laugh and face palm,enjoy!

Writing A Book

As some of you may know,I am very fond of reading and literature in general.Given these thoughts,I thought it wouldn’t be too shabby of an idea if I decided to author my own book.I have dabbled into writing quite a bit,but this time I plan to “dabble” more seriously. Yes,it may take awhile,but I want to make it great.If anyone is interested,I will post links at certain times so that you can read what I have wrote so far at that point. I am still brainstorming a more detailed structure,but I have the general idea clear in my mind.

Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming article reviewing Ustream!

Steve Jobs Has Died

The founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs has died today from pancreatic cancer.  He was an innovative man and introduced the iPod to the world and will leave a lasting legacy.  He was 56 years old when he passed on October 5th 2011.Steve Jobs has forever influenced the world of technology around us.Odds are you are using an iPhone,iPad,Mac,etc. to read this article.

Steve Jobs will always be remembered for his large impact on society. R.I.P


By now probably all of you Social Networkers out there have heard of Google’s upcoming Social platform,Google+. Google+ is currently in Pre-Release Beta and being tested on a certain amount of people to work out system bugs and test the servers durability and resiliency.Google is adding more and more people to their social network everyday until it will finally be available to the  general public sometime soon. Really the only way to get a Google+ account right now is via invite,yes I know you can join if you are 18 or older,but usually those spots fill up as soon as they become open.Luckily,one of my friends was able to obtain a Google+ account and invite me,so now I have an Official Google Plus account.I honestly think that Google+ is the next Facebook killer.The reason for that is the new “circle” concept will knock Facebook straight out of the water. The meaning of the circles is to limit who,if anybody can view your posts. Google+ also features very seamless Google integration with Gmail,Google Search,YouTube,etc.

Overall,I think it will definitely be worth it to snag a Google+ account whenever you can,or wait it out until Official release rolls out.Either way,Google+ is bound to become a big hit world wide. I don’t even doubt for a second that Google+ could surpass Facebook as the leading Social Network,just like Facebook did to Myspace early on.

What are your thought on Google+? Do you have one or plan on getting one?

Upcoming Stream?

Bohrium Bloggers has picked up a decent viewing over the past month since we started Sept. 1st.We would be nothing without our viewers,thank you so much!

What we want to know is what you would want to see in an upcoming stream?We thought we could do a Q&A,but we want to hear your ideas. Also,what streaming service would you want us to use or Ustream?