Us History Classes In Texas

Hello!  I am London and this is my first post for Bohrium Bloggers.  It is an honor to be an author of the wonderful blog.

My history class is taking part in a University of Texas study called P.A.C.T.  (Promoting Adolescent Comprehension of Text).  You can read more about it here:
Here is a basic overview: students receive notebooks and fill them out.  Students receive an alternate textbook and complete P.E.G.S. (Political, Economic, Geographic, Social) factors for each section in the textbook.  Other classes complete engaging projects and a variety of learning techniques.  I’ll save my criticism of this for later.
I have also noticed a bias in history class.  I believe that students are being indoctrinated into feeling a sense of patriotism by learning about the Revolutionary War.  Even the worksheets that are handed out contribute to this. For example, there was a Freedom week worksheet where FREEDOM was an acronym for various events and documents.
What do you think about US history classes?  Any questions and comments are welcome!