American Entertainment

Ahh America,I have never once in my mind doubted your entertainment capacity to keep billions of people world wide laughing.Ever since the beginning America has¬†been able to¬†balance its weight as a stable country and foreign mediator,along with providing a good old laugh till you cry entertainment industry. True, most of this “entertainment” is stupid or politically incorrect,but that’s what makes it funny, right? Whether you agree with me or not,America has greatly forever influenced the entertainment industry forever,especially with YouTube which makes it easy for amateur film makers to get themselves out there.

Below are some videos from Americas great entertainment archives sure to make you laugh and face palm,enjoy!


Odds are that you have seen this Soviet-Era video,which has now became one of todays most popular Internet “memes”. The video is most known among Internet Trolls who spend their time on forums trying to start arguments,usually about religion,politics,9/11,Holocaust,etc.This music video was no where near being made for that purpose,but its weirdness and unique hue quickly caught on. I will warn you though,no matter what your intentions for watching the video are.The song gets easily stuck in your head and you find yourself replaying and replaying.

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