By now probably all of you Social Networkers out there have heard of Google’s upcoming Social platform,Google+. Google+ is currently in Pre-Release Beta and being tested on a certain amount of people to work out system bugs and test the servers durability and resiliency.Google is adding more and more people to their social network everyday until it will finally be available to theĀ  general public sometime soon. Really the only way to get a Google+ account right now is via invite,yes I know you can join if you are 18 or older,but usually those spots fill up as soon as they become open.Luckily,one of my friends was able to obtain a Google+ account and invite me,so now I have an Official Google Plus account.I honestly think that Google+ is the next Facebook killer.The reason for that is the new “circle” concept will knock Facebook straight out of the water. The meaning of the circles is to limit who,if anybody can view your posts. Google+ also features very seamless Google integration with Gmail,Google Search,YouTube,etc.

Overall,I think it will definitely be worth it to snag a Google+ account whenever you can,or wait it out until Official release rolls out.Either way,Google+ is bound to become a big hit world wide. I don’t even doubt for a second that Google+ could surpass Facebook as the leading Social Network,just like Facebook did to Myspace early on.

What are your thought on Google+? Do you have one or plan on getting one?